Hazardous Material Remediation / Abatement Project Design & Management for Renovation, Remediation, Mitigation, Demolition and/or Decommissioning
 Industrial Hygiene Services, OSHA Hazardous Exposure Monitoring and Negative Exposure Assessment. Medical Surveillance, Air Testing, Air Monitoring and Associated Analytical Services.
 Building Facility / Site Inspection, Survey, Investigations, Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessments, Risk Assessments, Management Planning and Building Forensics.
 Indoor Air Quality Investigations, Building Assessments and Remediation Planning / Design.
 Mechanical Systems Inspections, Surveys, Analysis, Repair and Maintenance Program Development, System Design.
 Full Scale Drone Surveys
 Mechanical System (HVAC, Communications, Plumbing) Assessments and Surveys

Project Management & Consulting

 Offering of independent guidance on budgeting, scheduling, performance and quality assurance for a successful final product.

 Providing an owner/contractor/Insurance liaison

 Ensuring focus on project objectives

 Onsite project presence with qualified personnel providing regulation oversite, environmental monitoring and onsite laboratory services.

 Professional representation of client’s interests

 Independent, objective management and expert witness programs

 Overseeing of daily operations, progress and providing on-site professional resources for immediate technical contractor/owner assistance

 Industrial Hygiene services for professional quality control and site management